You have a legal duty of care to protect the health and safety of your employees and others affected by your activities. NOSHA, with its experience and expertise, can help you meet these requirements.

NOSHA, provides National health/International safety training, consultancy and auditing services, compliant with internationally recognised certification schemes such as NEBOSH, NCOSH, IOSH, OSHA and more.

Short and Bespoke courses, suited to your particular field of Safety, or designed to address a particular job, are also available. These are tailored to a client’s specific needs.

Your Ideal HSE Consultancy

To win contracts with the major companies and government agencies in Cameroon, a potential contractor must be able to fulfill certain statutory Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management capability requirements.

NOSHA can help you to assess your company’s HSE management capability and thereafter recommend solutions to meet your diverse project requirements.

Our team of experienced safety and environmental professionals will work closely with you to develop practical solutions to drive continuous improvement and enable you to be confident that your HSE risks are well managed. We do not only enable you to comply with statutory project requirements but more importantly, we furnish you with comprehensive, simple and effective customized risk control strategies that will deliver performance improvement and increase organizational efficiency. Our Principal Consultants at NOSHA has extensive industrial experience in HSE management and other HSE specializations equipping him to guide the team through both small and large projects.

As consultants, we have had the opportunity to review various industrial accidents over the past years that have made us passionate about the need for HSE Consultancy services in Cameroon.

Our passion for superior HSE practices coupled with the extensive and diverse industry experience makes us confident to refer to ourselves as your most ideal HSE consultant in Cameroon!

Our consultancy services include but are not limited to the following below. Please contact us to find out exactly which services are on offer in your region.  

  • Generic Risk Assessments

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Accident and incident recording, reporting and investigation

  • Confinned Space Safety

  • General Risk Assessments

  • Policy and Procedure Creation and Compliance Audit

  • Safety Management system

  • Development of site safety plan

  • Development of emergency procedures

  • HAZOP studies

  • Oil and gas safety management

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Fire Preventive Plans

  • Work at height/scalfholding


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