Updated: Apr 26, 2019

The NATIOANL OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY& HEALTH AGENCY (NOSHA) was established in 2015 and is an indigenous Cameroonian Organization that specializes in HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), Safety Training, and General Industrial Safety services/staffing, Manpower resources, Sales of Safety Equipment, Advisory /Consultancy and Cleaning Services.

In conformity with the Cameroon Labor code No 92/07 section 95-97 of 14

August 1992 and the regulatory and legislative laws of n° 39/MTPS/IMT of 26 November 1984 stating general Environment, Health and safety workplace measures alongside Law No. 80-05 of 14 July 1980 modifying law No 77.11 of 13 july 1977 [SL 1977-Cam. 1] on prevention of work related accidents and diseases.

The concept of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) was introduced in the Cameroonian industries before the creation of most companies, factories and Offices, but the introduction of different regulatory bodies has not solved the OHS challenges. The goal of NOSHA is to address appropriate means for OHS challenges improvement in Cameroon. Findings from our study show numerous OHS challenges which include lack of comprehensive national OHS policy, inability to partner with organizations responsible for the implementing the OHS activities and inability to ratify the International Labor Organization (ILO) convention number 155 as the major challenges are OHS shortcomings in Cameroon. This calls for the strengthening of the existing government policies and the ratification of the ILO convention 1981 (No.155) as a minimum to accommodate any possible OHS challenges in Cameroon thus accompanying the state to achieve its vision 2035 goal with a healthier working population and accident-free workplaces.

                                       Our vision and mission

NOSHA is focusing on providing specialist health and safety training, consultancy, staffing and PPE services to the Construction commercial and Manufacturing Industries in Cameroon.

As a team of professionals we act in the interest of both the employer and the employee. This is carried out through a holistic approach ensuring that Health & Safety becomes an integral part of the client’s/Partner’s organizational structure and business priorities.

We at NOSHA don’t believe in swamping our clients with complex documentation and legal jargon. Our approach is to “Keep Safety Simple”, which is achieved through easy to use task specific systems, continual safety training and ongoing support.

NOSHA want to ensure that clients and partners comply with all of the legal and statutory requirements with regards to the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations. Be it by aiding with Health & Safety documentation and /or advising our clients of onsite requirements and providing “tailor made solutions” for their Health & Safety concerns.

We are to become the benchmark for Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals within the sector, taking the quality of HSE domain in Cameroon to the next level.

To strive to ensure all professionals in the industry including developers, architects, quantity surveyors, principal contractors and contractors understand their responsibility and assist them in achieving the Occupational Health & Safety requirements as set out by legislation.

‘’safety first’’

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